About communique

Communique is an industry leader in developing health and nutrition communications for agricultural and food organizations.

Information is plentiful, but nonsense can too often drown out facts when we need to get quality advice about health and nutrition out to the public. The coronavirus has focused the public’s attention on health, nutrition, and the food supply.

Communique has been cultivating healthy ideas since 1979. We have longstanding working relationships with some of the best in their fields, from influential dietitians and other health professionals to academics and researchers. We work with nurse practitioners, health bloggers, and other influential voices in the health and nutrition space to craft the right message for our clients.

OUR Strategy

By reaching key influence groups — healthcare professionals, researchers, and the media — we can efficiently and economically affect not only the healthy eating habits (and purchasing decisions) of Americans but also the perceptions that they may hold about agriculture and food.

We help tell the story of food, nutrition, and agriculture in a variety of compelling ways. We pride ourselves on serving up reputable, well-founded information to build trust in our modern food and agriculture system.

Recent work includes projects for the United Soybean Board, the Northarvest Bean Growers Association, the National Biodiesel Board, state Beef Councils, and university agriculture extensions.

An Image depicting Adam Veile.


Since joining the Communique team in 2004, Adam has held several positions: intern, copywriter, traffic coordinator, vice president, and president. In July of 2019, Adam became CEO of Communique and is looking forward to leading and growing the company. He has a bachelor’s degree in mass communications and creative writing and a master’s degree in English.

Adam splits his time between client management and corporate oversight, allowing for use of both his creative ingenuity and innovative leadership. He has also authored a children’s book series and was an adjunct professor at Columbia College for eight years.

Adam has two sets of twins in his family. He has a twin brother, and his sisters are twins.

An image of Sarah Alsager


Sarah has served as Communique’s president since 2019. Throughout her time here, she has held several positions (part-time during high school, intern during college, director of new media from 2011 to 2014).

With a bachelor’s degree in communications, Sarah started out in the tourism marketing industry, but found agriculture communications to be her home. She worked for the Missouri Department of Agriculture where she clocked many hours on the farm hearing from the passionate and dedicated men and women who grow and raise our food, fuel, and fiber. Sarah uses that knowledge, paired with her ability to strategically and effectively promote the health and nutritional benefits of food, to communicate and connect with audiences.

Steve Veile


Steve founded Communique in 1979 at the young age of 26 and guided the business through its first four decades of success. He is still happy to put his knowledge and expertise to work on behalf of the firm’s clients. Semi-retired, he is as pleased as can be to see the business continue to grow and prosper, now as a second-generation “family” firm. He also remains active as chairman of the board.

A graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism, he later served as an adjunct professor in strategic communications there for 15 years.

An image depicting Kaci Westrich


Kaci is a registered dietitian nutritionist who has shared her nutrition and dietetics expertise in grocery stores and school districts in Missouri and Illinois. She joined the Communique team in 2020 when she and her husband moved to central Missouri. Kaci received her bachelor’s degree in dietetics from Missouri State University and completed her dietetic internship at Bradley University.

Kaci’s in-laws are farmers, and agriculture has always been an area of interest and admiration. Her role at Communique provides the perfect opportunity to combine that passion with dietetics. Kaci loves to travel and hang out with her niece and two nephews. She is also a big sports fan – go Cards!

Jayleen Carmona is Communique's social media specialist.


With more than five years of experience in social media, Jayleen joined the Communique team in 2022 as our social media specialist. She creates visually stunning graphics, photographs, and videos that pair with engaging content to enhance our clients’ brand. Having worked for various industries – from medical to food and drink – Jayleen understands the importance of tracking trends, creating unique content, and building an online social community.

Jayleen loves plant-based cooking! She spends plenty of time in the kitchen whipping up yummy vegan dishes like avocado pasta, banana bread, or crispy teriyaki tofu. In her free time, she focuses on strength training.

An image depicting Katherine Drury


Katherine comes to Communique with a background in broadcast news and government education and outreach. She developed a passion for storytelling while reporting on agriculture and food at a local FOX news station in Lubbock, TX.  She enjoys sharing the story of hardworking agricultural producers and connecting consumers to their food supply.

Agriculture has weaved its way through her career—starting with her high school job at the Tyler Rose Museum and more recently, promoting the conservation of groundwater resources to farmers, ranchers, homeowners, and children on the Texas High Plains.

An image depicting AJ Shurr


AJ joined Communique in 2019 after working as a Missouri statehouse reporter for a couple of years – and under two governors. She has a bachelor’s degree in agricultural communications and worked as a copy editor for her hometown newspaper in Southern Oregon. Her fast-paced, sometimes-unpredictable reporting days prepared AJ to be a strong utility player for Communique. AJ writes articles, shoots and edits videos, creates websites, develops social content, and more.

Growing up on a small cattle and hay farm in southern Oregon, AJ developed a passion for agriculture which she maintains to this day.

An image depicting Lori Pendleton


Lori has been part of the Communique team since 2007. She holds a business degree and has worked in the Missouri State Treasurer’s Office and the Missouri Attorney General’s Office. Lori enjoys coordinating and planning events, which is one of the things she does best for Communique. She plans meeting details, coordinates tradeshow booths, and ensures the events go as smoothly as possible. Lori also plays the essential role of tracking, reporting and maintaining detailed information related to our client work.

She is the eldest of four in her family and has two grandchildren with whom she loves to spend time.

An image depicting Shawna Pooler


Growing up on a dairy and horse farm instilled within Shawna a strong work ethic which she illustrates every day. With a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a minor in economics, Shawna joined the Communique team in 2002 as our accountant. She is a stickler for organization and details, traits that come in handy when she’s balancing the books.

Shawna’s love for animals spurred her involvement with a local rescue, People Helping Paws Cat Rescue, for which she fosters critical/special needs kittens and bottle kittens (more than 700 kittens in 10 years!). She also volunteers her Saturdays building houses for River City Habitat for Humanity.

An image depicting Blanche Estep


Blanche joined the Communique team in 2016 as an administrative assistant. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a minor in sociology and a paralegal certificate. Blanche’s career has afforded her many unique experiences and she shares that knowledge for the betterment of the company. She also recently completed a course on website search engine optimization (SEO). Blanche has a can-do, solution-focused attitude and helps with everything from editing and formatting letters, articles, and blog posts to fixing things around the office.