About communique

Communique is an industry leader in developing health and nutrition communications for agricultural and food organizations.

Information is plentiful, but nonsense can too often drown out facts when we need to get quality advice about health and nutrition out to the public. The coronavirus has focused the public’s attention on health, nutrition, and the food supply.

Communique has been cultivating healthy ideas since 1979. We have longstanding working relationships with some of the best in their fields, from influential dietitians and other health professionals to academics and researchers. We work with nurse practitioners, health bloggers, and other influential voices in the health and nutrition space to craft the right message for our clients.

OUR Strategy

Our strategy is to “influence the influencers.”

By reaching key influence groups — healthcare professionals, researchers, and the media — we can efficiently and economically affect not only the healthy eating habits (and purchasing decisions) of Americans but also the perceptions that they may hold about agriculture and food.

We help tell the story of food, nutrition, and agriculture in a variety of compelling ways. We pride ourselves on serving up reputable, well-founded information to build trust in our modern food and agriculture system.

Recent work includes projects for the United Soybean Board, the Northarvest Bean Growers Association, the National Biodiesel Board, state Beef Councils, and university agriculture extensions.