Our Work

Bringing partners together for a big impact

The Soy Nutrition Institute

Communique worked behind the scenes to get members to move together toward a common goal. We manage the day-to-day details that are a vital part — but not glamorous — of a successful organization. Keeping in mind the unique perspective of each member company, we planned and moderated meetings and conference calls.

Funding million-dollar studies without millions

An image depicting red beans in a jar

The Dry Bean Health Research Program

With the support of the Northarvest Bean Growers Association, Communique created the Dry Bean Health Research Program (DBHRP). $645,000 in incentive awards have produced $11.7 million in funding from NIH and other sources. Northarvest was able to leverage its funds to create millions of dollars in research into beans and human health.

Establishing a powerhouse nutrition brand from scratch

The Bean Institute

The Bean Institute is a well-recognized brand among health professionals and bean enthusiasts.

creating a go-to source for dietitians

The Soy Connection Newsletter

Communique established the Soy Connection Newsletter, a publication that is inserted regularly in professional journals. We focused on credibility by assembling a top-notch editorial board, working with foremost subject matter experts, and providing cutting-edge nutrition science. The Soy Connection became a recognizable and reliable source of information about soy and human health.

A thriving online community 

Soy Connection Social

Using multiple social media platforms, Communique implemented a strategy designed to nurture and grow Soy Connection’s online reach. We also utilized partnership campaigns – such as with the Soy Nutrition Institute – to generate soy awareness across a variety of audiences.

achieving goals by giving people what they want

The Soy and Child Nutrition Guide

Communique put together a sought-after publication for school nutrition professionals. We pulled together an all-star team of authors, including popular family bloggers and leaders in school nutrition, and turned difficult information into an enjoyable read.