Soy and Child Nutrition Guide

The Challenge: Child nutrition is an emotionally charged area, and negative (often misleading) information about soy and children has been widely disseminated for years. Factual information was needed to quell doubts; however, the information needed to be enticing enough to attract readership.

Our Approach: Communique put together a sought-after publication for school nutrition professionals. We pulled together an all-star team of authors, including popular family bloggers and leaders in school nutrition, and turned difficult information into an enjoyable read. We combined health information, with recipes and tips and tricks in an eye-catching magazine layout. The Soy and Child Nutrition Guide proved to be an attractive giveaway for tradeshows. We were also able to break the 36 pages of content into web articles, infographics, and social media posts, giving us dozens of pieces of additional content.

The Results: Distribution has expanded beyond what was originally planned, as state soybean boards have recognized the value of the Soy and Child Nutrition Guide and requested copies for their events. Communique is collecting email addresses from people who have requested the guide, which has opened up new possibilities for future communications. The area of soy and child nutrition was once lacking communications resources, but the information this project created has generated a wealth of content that can be disseminated in endless ways.