The Soy Nutrition Institute

The Challenge: Stakeholders in the soyfoods industry recognized the need to collaborate to advance the science of soy nutrition, but after forming the Soy Nutrition Institute, they struggled to work cohesively.

Our Approach: Communique worked behind the scenes to get members (including industry, farmers, and scientific advisors) to move together toward a common goal. We manage the day-to-day details that are vital, but not always glamourous, part of a successful organization. Keeping in mind the unique perspective of each member company, we plan and moderate meetings and conference calls and coordinate outreach and communications efforts.

The Results: SNI is now a well-established and well-respected group accomplishing the goals of its members. It stays on top of the research related to soy and human health, funds significant research to fill in knowledge gaps, and shares science-based information with health and nutrition influencers.